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Welcome to RewardsVault, a Rewards Platform that gives you the power to deliver digital gift cards as incentives and rewards in minutes at scale.

Below you’ll find information to support your RewardsVault experience from accessing the Vault to funding your account and utilizing the detailed reporting features.


access Rewards Vault to manage your rewards

Funding Account

there are 3-ways to Fund your Vault Pay account

Send Instant Rewards

the fastest and easiest way to send rewards instantly

Order a Promotion

Deploy a new promotion in seconds from your dashboard

Upload Recipients to Promotions

add recipients to a promotion by uploading names and emails

Upload Recipients to Reward Blaster

blast immediate rewards by uploading names and emails

Download Reward Codes/Links

generate reward links and send them out how you choose

Custom Message

personalize your recipient communications

Custom Catalog

allow recipients to choose from a select set of retailers


view reward activation rates, funding history and more

How To Use Reward Links

how to get the most out of your links

Change Password

how to set a new password

Referral Vault Set-Up

Opt-In to set up your Referral Vault tools.


Connect the apps you already use with our Zapier action to add recipients to promotions or send instant rewards.

Promotional Terms

See Promotion Vault's standard Promotional Terms and Conditions, and where they feature in the Rewards Process.

Add duplicate records

Do you need to qualify a recipient more than once for a promotion?

Funding Schedule

Set up a Funding Schedule to ensure your account is always funded and ready to deliver.

Add & manage funding groups

Do you need to fund different accounts with different payment methods?

Adding & Manage Accounts

Do you need to add an account or edit an existing one?

Customer Support

We can help troubleshoot any recipient issues!

Adding & Managing Users

Do you need to add a new user or edit an existing user?

Edit Promotion

Do you need to edit a promotion?

Create Invoice

Do you need to create an invoice?

Notify Staff

Do you need to notify your staff?

Delete Record

Do you need to remove a record?

Email Communication

See what emails you and recipients will receive.


How do I add customers to receive a gift card?
You can add customers to receive a gift card one-by-one or via CSV file upload. All you need is the customers first name, last name, and email address.

Click on the "Add Eligible" button on an active promotion, type the information or upload the filled out CSV file template, and hit "Add Eligible" to add the customer(s) to the promotion!
What do Reward Statuses mean?
Eligible status means that the recipient is eligible for a reward, but has not activated their reward. Activation Closed status means that the recipient was eligible for a reward, but never activated it before the activation window expired (90 days after the eligible date). Activated status means that the recipient has activated their reward and will be able to redeem their reward in The Vault for 365 days after their eligible date. Vault Closed status means that the recipient can no longer redeem or access their reward in The Vault.

What communications should I expect from Promotion Vault?
Promotion Vault will send you email alerts of both upcoming promotions and ended promotions every month. You may also receive promotion order receipts, Reward Blaster order receipts, approval confirmations, or denial notifications, and new invoice alerts.

If you are utilizing any of the Vault Tools, you will receive a nightly report via email if there were entries in that 24 hour period.
How do I read a Promotion timeline?
There are four dates to be aware of in any promotion timeline;
start date
end date
reward available date
close date

Promotions between the start and end date are currently qualifying recipients. Promotions between the end date and reward available date have stopped qualifying recipients, but those who have already qualified have not received their reward yet. Promotions between the reward available date and the close date allow recipients to activate and redeem their reward at any time. Promotions past the close date are no longer active which means recipients who haven't activated their reward already are no longer able to activate and receive their reward.