View reward activation rates, funding history and more



Your main dashboard has 4 Widgets each with their own data feeds

Active Promotions

This Widget shows Promotions that are currently running. You can see how many days are left in the Promotion, and a readout shows the current position of the Promotion Timeline. The stages of a Promotion Timeline are Promotion Start, Promotion End, Reward Available, and Close. Recipients can become eligible for a reward between the Start and End date. Rewards are available between the Reward Available and Close date

Upcoming Promotions

This Widget shows Promotions that are set to run at a future date.


he Activity Widget displays how many eligible rewards in each promotion and how many activated rewards. Use the drop-down to display promotions from the last 1, 7, 14, or 30 days.

Reward Activation

This Widget displays the activation rates for your various reward values.


Step 1

Click on reporting.

Step 2

Your Current Billing Cycle is displayed at the top of the page. The next most recent Previous Billing Cycle is directly beneath.

To access earlier cycles, click ‘Show Earlier Cycles’.

Step 3

If you need to access a cycle’s invoice, click ‘Invoice’ either at the bottom-right of that cycle’s widget...

... or at the top-right of the cycle’s details page.

The invoice is displayed in a pop-up.

Click ‘Print’ to print out a printer-friendly version of the invoice.

Click ‘Download PDF’ to save a PDF copy of the invoice.

Step 3

To open the details page for a cycle click “Details”...

...or the Cycle Title

Step 4

The details page shows the Bill Total, Number of Accounts with activity, and Number of Promotions with activity for that cycle. By default, the billing details are broken down by Account for All Promotions.

Use the drop-down to show billing information by Location, Eligible, or Promotion.

Use the drop-down to select which Promotion details to show.

Step 5

Click ‘Download CSV’ to save a copy of the billing details.