Adding & Managing Accounts

RewardsVault provides access to Add and Manage Accounts with only a few steps!

This is useful in many cases:

  • You want separate payment methods for different account. (See Add & Manage Funding Groups)
  • You want to run different promotions for separate accounts, locations, regions or groups.
  • You want to see how separate accounts, locations, regions or groups perform. This can also be done with our Reporting Tool!

Don’t forget! Make sure to set the funding group where all Account fees will be drafted from.

It’s as simple entering the account information and clicking submit!

Adding Accounts

Step 1

From the dashboard, navigate to the Admin Console.

Step 2

Select Add Account.

Step 3

In the pop-up enter the new Account Name and select the Funding Group from the drop down.

Step 4

Your default logo will automatically be added to the account. If a custom logo is needed remove the default and upload the correct one then select ‘Add Account’

Step 5

Success! The new account has been added.

**Please Note: The funding group you select will be where the accounts fees are billed too. If you would like to add a new funding group for this account you can do so after the account is created from the Funding Tab and then update the account after!

Managing Accounts

Step 1

From the Admin Console, select the black arrow to the right of the account you would like to edit.

Step 2

From the pop-up you can edit the Account Name, change the Funding Group and change the account to have a custom logo. Once all the information is updated select ‘Save’.

Step 3

Success! The Account information has been updated.

**Please Note: An Account with a negative balance cannot be moved to a Funding Group with a positive balance so rewards will be sent.

Need to add a new Funding Group for a new Account?