Download Reward Codes / Links

Reward Links do not incur fees unless activated. When activated by a Recipient, your account balance will be deducted from the Reward Fee and Service Fee for the order.

Reward Codes expire thirty (30) days after the promotion end date.

You can use either Reward Links which are clickable or Reward Codes that need to be entered.

Direct Recipients to enter their reward code @
or @[insert promo ID]

If you want Promotion Vault to handle the fulfillment and email your Recipients for you, add recipient(s) through Reward Blaster.

Step 1

Click ‘Promotions’.

Step 2

Select the Promotion Value.

Step 3

Click ‘Generate Reward Codes’.

Step 4

Select an Account.

Step 5

Enter a Description.

This will appear in invoice and reports.

Step 6

Enter the Number of Reward Codes/Links.

Step 7

Click ‘Generate Reward Codes’.

Step 8

Click ’CSV Download’.

Step 9

Access the downloaded File on your computer.

Step 10

Mange Reward Links in real-time.