Email Communication

Email Communication

Rewards Vault keeps you informed on all aspects with emails for promotions, reports and account updates. Even recipients stay in the loop with rewards they have received.

Business to Business

Account(s) Created

Sent when your account(s) are created so you can set a password and login.

Password Reset

Sent when you request to reset your password.

Promotion Order Receipt

Sent when a promotion is requested.

Referral Vault Lead Report

Sent when new leads have been added to Referral Vault.

Notify Staff

Sent to any staff member you send from the dashboard for current and upcoming promotions.

Funding Schedule Edit

Sent when your Funding Schedule has been updated.

Funding Successful

Sent when funding was successful. Invoice will be attached.

Note: When paying with ACH the email will be sent when funds are received. ACH can take 5-7 business days after the transaction.

Funding Unsuccessful

Sent when funding was unsuccessful. Invoice will be attached.

Business to Consumer


Sent when a recipient is added to a promotion or reward blaster when activation is required.

Activation Confirmation

Sent when a recipient activates their reward.

Record Deleted

Sent when a record is deleted from a promotion.