How To Use Reward Links

Let Promotion Vault make you look like overnight Rock Stars with RewardLinksTM. Download a file with custom URL’s, each with a unique reward code. When someone clicks on the link, they are directed to a custom branded landing page which walks them through a seamless reward experience. Download RewardLinks and send them out to your recipients your own way on your own time.

Custom branded landing page

Distribute codes for recipients to enter online

Some of the most popular uses

Company Reward Certificates

Employees love to be handed fancy certificates!

Business Cards

Remember codes can be a great way of collecting contact info!

Employee Birthday Cards

The easy way to keep staff smiling!


Take flyers to the next level. Tell them to sign up for your mailing list by entering the code.

Packaged goods

Stand out from the rest with offers directly on the packaging!


Maintain perceived value and lose 50% less on markdowns.

Use the Reward Link URL to bring recipients directly to the Reward Experience

Some of the most popular uses


Drop a reward link into any point of your existing system.


Use reward links in your branded emails to put your own spin on the experience.

In-App Messaging

An easy way to integrate rewards into your app architecture.

Direct messaging

When rewarding for social activities, instant gratification from the platform itself!

Social Engagement

Drop an occasional list of links to gain followers waiting for the next batch.

Sign Up

Use a tablet at the event / in-house to collect details for your mailing list with instant rewards.
Reward Links do not incur fees unless activated. When activated by a Recipient, the Reward Fee and Service Fee for the order will be deducted from your account balance. Recipients will receive their reward within 24 hours of activation.