Order A Promotion

Order A Promotion

Right reward – Right customer – Right time

Generate leads, drive customer acquisition, and incentivize sales with eGift Card incentives. Whether it’s new guests, members, referrals, upgrades, or ANYTHING, deploy a new promotion in seconds from your dashboard!

All you need to do is pick an action that will be rewarded, what the reward will be, and when it’s all going to happen. Here’s how:

Step 1

Log in to your Rewards Vault account click the ‘Promotions’ tab and then click ‘Create Promotion’.

Step 2

Enter the Promotion name, category, account(s), currency, value, rewards, Start Date, End Date, reward delay days, expected goal and action text (see notes below).

Once those have been entered, toggle activation on or off and select ‘Request’.

A few things to note:

**The promotion name will translate to the dashboard, system emails, staff gameplan & on the landing page in the ‘Details, Terms & Conditions’ pop-up.

**All reward options will default. If you wish for a specific selection, select the down arrow and choose the retailers you want!

**Reward delay days will default to 15 but can be updated to whenever you want the recipient to receive their reward after activation!

**Action text is a sentence, complete with the action the recipient is being rewarded for. Don’t forget punctuation!

Step 3

Promotion Created! You can access the ‘Staff Game Plan’ and ‘Landing Page’ from the promotion overview page.

Need to edit a promotion? See the Edit Promotion page.

Step 4

Make sure your account is funded and ready to deliver the ultimate reward experience!

See Funding Account.