View reward activation rates, funding history and more!


Your main dashboard has a Promotion widget with all of your promotion data feeds. To view All, Active, Upcoming or Closed Promotions simply click the Show All button at the bottom of the widget and it will expand with the data.

All Promotions

In the All Promotions tab you can see any Closed or Active promotions.

The Notify Staff button allows you to inform staff about a current or upcoming promotion. The Manage button will take you to the Promotion Overview page with all of the data and details for your promotion, where you can add eligible records, access the landing page and game plan. Or you can simply add a record using the Add Eligible button. To learn how to upload a record, click here.

Active Promotions

This tab shows Promotions that are currently running. You can see how many days are left in the Promotion, and a readout shows the current position of the Promotion Timeline. The stages of a Promotion Timeline are Promotion Start, Promotion End and Promotion Close. Recipients can become eligible for a reward between the Start and End date and up to 30 days after the promotion end date. The Notify Staff, Manage and Add Eligible functions are the same as the All promotions tab.

Upcoming Promotions

This tab shows Promotions that are set to run at a future date. The Notify Staff, Manage and Add Eligible functions are the same as the All promotions tab.

Closed Promotions

This tab shows Promotions that were set to run in a past date. The Manage button functions are the same as the All tab but since the promotion is past 30 days from the end date Eligible records can not  be added. If someone eligible still needs a reward, send them a Reward Blaster!


The Activity Widget displays how many eligible rewards in each promotion and how many activated rewards. Use the drop-down to display promotions from the last 1, 7, 14, or 30 days.

Rewards Activation

This Widget displays the activation rates for your various reward values.


Step 1

Navigate to ‘Reporting’.

Step 2

Your Current Funding Cycle is displayed at the top of the page. The next, most recent Previous Funding Cycle is directly beneath.

To access earlier cycles, click ‘Show Earlier Cycles’.

Note: The Funding Cycle is reported on a monthly basis.)

Step 3

To open the details page for a cycle click ‘Details’ or the cycle title.

Step 4

The details page shows the monthly Funding Total, Number of Accounts with activity, and Number of Promotions with activity for that cycle. By default, the funding details are broken down by Account for All Promotions.

Use the drop-down to show funding information by Account, Eligible, Unactivated Credits or Promotion.

Use the drop-down to select which Promotion details to show.

Step 5

Select‘Download CSV’ to save a copy of the funding details.