Rewards with
ZERO Waste.

Deliver Rewards At Scale

Only pay for rewards that are activated!

Finally, a ZERO WASTE solution to incentives and rewards. The process is simple yet powerful.

THE MATH finally works in your favor:
Advertise an incentive to act (ie: buy, refer, complete, visit, etc) by offering a reward. If 1,000 customers complete the action they are therefore eligible for the reward. Once the eligible recipient’s data hits The Vault, each person will then be asked to “activate” their reward within 30 days. If 50% take this next step by activating their reward, you only pay for 50% of the original eligible customers. ZERO WASTE.

Reward Fee + Service Fee
a reward that is activated costs the face value of the reward + a 10% service fee.

Example: a $20.00 Reward Link will cost $22.00
All rewards incur a service fee.

  1. Identify existing and new opportunities in your business where using Rewards/Incentives would improve or increase your business.

    EXAMPLES: “Buy Now”, “Take a Survey”, “Give a Review”, “Visit My Business”, “Test Drive”, “Subscribe”, “Order Online”, “Give Us a Try”, “Upgrade a Service”, etc.

  2. Integrate with the VAULT API to push and pull data as needed to complete the Reward delivery

  3. Start Rewarding at Scale

The Reward Experience
The reward experience must be as smooth as the reward is exciting!

What is “DATA VAULT”?

Gather valuable customer insights and data using this strategic data collection tool. Leverage egift card incentives throughout the reward experience.
Promotion Vault is more than just a rewards platform. We also have a tool that most of our enterprise subscribers leverage in order to collect additional pieces of important data on their customers and employees. This is accomplished during the reward experience when a customer completes the process to receive their reward, there is a customized ability to ask additional questions. Data Vault delivers an astonishing 97% opt-in! This quick survey can provide a business with invaluable insights into their engaged customer’s psyche or consumer behavior.

How often do you buy ____?
How old are you?
Would you be interested in ____?
Where do you live?
What is your (demographic info)?

Why Choose Promotion Vault?

Vault API

Integrate your data with The Vault for custom programmatic solutions.

Dedicated Account Team

We love what we do and are always ready to offer support.

Volume Discounts

The more you give, the more you get!

Branded Catalogs

Own the complete rewards experience.

Only Pay for Activated Rewards

Rewards with zero waste allow for the most efficient scaling.

Reward Help Desk

One less thing for you to worry about, let us deal with customer inquiries.

Automated Reports

All the insights you need ready and waiting.

Custom Catalogs

Allow recipients to choose from a select set of retailers.

API Vault Integration

Integrate your data with The Vault for custom programmatic solutions. The VAULT API allows you to unlock the rewards you want using custom automation. Our integrations work seamlessly with your data to deliver the right reward to the right person at the right time.

Ready to Unlock the Vault?