Referral Vault

Referral Vault

Incentivize your members to add their friends and family to their own referral list!

You can track leads, add referrers & referees to a promotion and receive a nightly lead report for sales staff to follow-up on!

Referral Vault

Once you are opted in to Referral Vault you can access the lead list from the dashboard.

From the lead list you can see which referrers or referees are eligible or if the referee is still a lead.

Once the Referee joins you can simply add the referrer & referee to a promotion by selecting the ‘Add to Promotion’ button.

Referral Vault Form

Referrer Form

The form that your referrer will fill out with leads. This form can be emailed, blasted or added to your website.

Referral Vault Notifications

Referee Email

The email the referee will receive to claim their guest pass.

Nightly Lead Email

Each night if a lead is entered during the day you and anyone you designate within your organization will receive a Nightly Lead Email report. Any lead that was entered that day will be attached in a CSV file.

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