Three Ways to Reward

Finally, a ZERO WASTE solution to incentives and rewards. Upload, download or integrate, you choose. Access the awesome power of Rewards at your fingertips.


Right reward - Right customer - Right time

Generate leads, drive customer acquisition, and incentivize sales with eGift Card incentives. Manage rewards from start to fulfillment. Customize your branding, messaging, and reward catalog for the best reward experience. Access ToolsVault services to take promotions to the next level.

Add eGift Cards to your promotions

Work with a Promotion Vault specialist to identify which actions in your business you want to see increase. Utilize eGift cards as incentives and see your top of funnel increase by 20% or more. You do the marketing and let Promotion Vault automatically verify and trigger the right reward to the right person at the right time.

Power your rewards programs

Track customer actions and automatically trigger rewards when they hit the desired level. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with eGift Card incentives. Build a promotion to drive continuous actions from your employees and customers such as check-ins, repeat purchases, referrals, spending levels, and more. The number of times in a certain date or time frame.


The fastest and easiest way to send rewards instantly

RewardBlasterTM gives you 100% control of your reward distribution via our self-service platform. Simply upload your recipients names and emails into the Vault, select your rewards value and BLAST OFF! An email will be sent from Promotion Vault to your recipients to activate their rewards. You only pay for the activated rewards. It’s really that easy. The fastest and easiest way to send rewards instantly.


The ultimate way to have complete control without the fuss.

Let Promotion Vault make you look like overnight Rock Stars with RewardLinksTM. Download a file with custom URL’s, each with a unique reward code embedded within. When someone clicks on the link, they are directed to a custom branded landing page which walks them through a seamless reward experience. Download RewardLinks and send them out to your recipients your own way on your own time.



Utilize VaultTools to take promotions to the next level.

Collect, track, leverage, and build full circle promotions with these closed-loop marketing services. Enhance your incentive promotions by connecting the dots and creating the world’s best reward experience!

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Referral Vault

Collect - Communicate - Convert. Gain referrals using our intuitive closed loop referral tool customized to your brand and message.

Data Vault

Gather valuable customer insights and data using this strategic data collection tool. Leverage egift card incentives throughout the fulfillment process.

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