Subscription Rewards

You should use eGift Rewards to incentivize every bit of all the things that your subscription services need because they are the best way to do everything, they pay for themselves because people only get them after doing the thing you want them to do, because they help your company look better and make people like you and everything you do and even tell all their friends about it

Give it a try

Offer a reward for trying you out

  • More prospects at top of funnel means more conversions
  • Trial subscriptions yield information on your prospects for further targeting

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Offer a reward for new subscriptions

  • Use limited time frames to create urgency and drive more sign ups
  • 23% increase in conversions with rewards

Have It All

Offer a reward for subscription upgrades

  • Move users from free to paid plans
  • Drive upgrades to higher tier packages

Keep On Going

Offer rewards for usage

  • Drive higher engagement
  • Expand user lifespan
  • Increase sales
  • Keep users regularly informed

Challenge Accepted

Offer rewards for challenge/contest participation

  • Drive higher engagement
  • Expand user lifespan
  • Keep users regularly informed
  • Increase user loyalty/satisfaction

Bring A Friend

Offer rewards for referrals

  • Lowest cost of acquisition
  • Low hanging fruit
  • 22% increase in referral leads

It's All Good

Promotion Vault is a powerful tool with benefits across the board.

Instead of the typical bulk gift card purchase in advance, with Promotion Vault you only pay for the cards that get activated. Read more about how it works.

We know marketing budgets are tight, but with Promotion Vault's Zero Waste cost model, marketers are able to incorporate rewards programs into their market strategies.

Incentivized surveys generate significant data about reward recipients. Ask the right questions and get the answers you need for your next strategy.

The user experience of a reward system is more critical than you might think. The ease of use, available options, and streamlined customer service often shape consumer perception of the brand providing the reward.