Build custom surveys and share the link with your customers. Incentivize customers to share survey data. Completed forms are immediately eligible for an eGift Card reward.

Use a Gift Card incentive to increase survey participation by 40% while gathering valuable insights and data. Immediately receive valuable feedback from your employees and customers, at scale. Receive daily automated reports by email or login to your Vault dashboard and download your survey results.

How It Works

Step 1

Drive Customers to Your SurveyVault Landing Page

Email, Social, Website, Face To Face

However you want the narrative to play out in your business, you need to present the pathway to your customers (new and current) to GIVE DATA in exchange for e-Gift Card Rewards.

Step 2

Collect Data


“Complete the short survey to unlock their reward.” Survey Vault leads with a reward, the questions are a simple barrier to the end goal of getting a gift card.

Step 3

Get the Data

Daily Reports / Real Time Dashboard

Access the data in The Vault dashboard and use it to track your follow up efforts or simply download.

Custom API integrations available for an additional cost.

Step 4

Learn & Earn

Use the data

See all Survey Results in an easy to read (and use) report or visit the dashboard in real-time.

Step 5

A Rewarding Experience

We’ll Do The Rest

Completed forms are immediately eligible for an eGift Card reward.