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“Gift Card” means a digital gift card that is purchased by a Subscriber via the PV Services and can be redeemed at a Merchant.

Reward Link” individual Recipient URL that accesses Merchant Gift Cards

Vault Tools” means any proprietary applications that are part of the PV Services. To Opt-in to any Vault Tool means you have read and agree to these Terms of Service.

Subscriber” means a person who represents a business and has activated a PV Services Account.

Recipient” means a person who is eligible for one or more digital gift cards offered by Subscriber using the PV Services.

Subscription Fee” means a fee per account to use the PV Services. Subscription fees are invoiced monthly on the initial subscription date. 

Reward Fee” means the fee or cost activated eGift Cards will be billed.

Service Fee” means a fee to which all recipient records are subject.

Eligibility Date” means the date recipient content is entered into the PV Services.

Activation Window” means a (90) ninety-day time period commencing on the Eligibility Date. 

Activate” or “Activation” means an action taken by a Recipient to confirm their eligibility.

Available Date” means the date a Recipient reward is available.

Merchant” means a business that offers digital gift cards that can be purchased by Subscriber.

Order” means any reward links requested by the Subscriber.

Order Expiration” means any active reward links requested that are not funded within 30 days.

Account Balance” means the funds balance in your Vault Pay Account.

Scenario 1: Promotion has ended and subscriber has records to be entered

Your login, as well as the active Subscriber logins, can add a single record or CSV of records to a promotion during the promotion activation period (+90 days from promotion end date).

example, a subscriber emails you a record that should have been in a September Promotion. You and the subscriber can enter the record(s) into the promotion

If it is past the promotion activation period (+90 days from promotion end date) then Reward Blaster must be used.

Take the subscriber to the Customer Center and show them how easy it is!

Scenario 2: Subscriber is not able to add funds to their Vault Pay
  • This is because it is not the user associated with the billing group.
  • If the SUBSCRIBER is ok with the user being added to the billing group they need to send an email to with the email address they would like added.
  • Immediate Solution: ask the user if they are ok with us adding funds to their account.  Get the amount they would like to fund and let Sarah know, funds will go in within 2 hours 
Scenario 3: Balances Settled
  • Throughout the month if records are added to past promotions the fees will be deducted from their Vault Pay account. If the subscriber does not have any funding the activation email will be sent but when they go to choose their reward they will see a “Check Back” status (see image below). On the 1st of the month when we settle billing the record status will change and the end-user will be able to choose their reward.
  • Again NO CARDS GO OUT UNPAID, if a subscriber is questioning why their rewards aren’t going out it is because there are no funds in their Vault Pay account. If they approve it, we are able to add funds for them. Just let Sarah know the amount and she will get it added in. 
  • Take the subscriber to the Customer Center and show them how easy it is!



How do I get started? - Questions to ask Subscribers

AE: Do you want the rewards to be available instantly or at a later date?

Subscriber: Later Date

AE: I suggest we set up a promotion that you can add customers to as they become eligible or upload a list of them at once. We recommend the rewards are available on the 15th of the following month, sound good?

Subscriber: Perfect

AE: All I need is:

  • Promotion Name:
  • Reward Value: 
  • Start Date:
  • End Date:
  • Available Date:

AE: Great, I will set up a promotion for you, you will receive a promotion order receipt email, please read over it to confirm the dates and value.  I will follow up before the promotion starts reminding you we will need the records as often as possible to deliver the best reward experience and get you the best ROI.

AE: How would you like to upload your records, we have 3 easy options for you!


  • Simply keep track of who is eligible for a reward in a CSV file with first name, last name & email address. You can upload the list simply by following the directions in our Customer Center. We recommend uploading the records as often as possible to deliver the best reward experience and get you the best ROI

Reward Links

  • You already have Reward Link promotions generated on your account! This is a great option if you would like to track if different Reward Codes came from different marketing promotions or events. Let’s walk through the Customer Center page to show you how to generate and track rewards. 


  • Do you use Zapier? Maybe you use google sheets or mail chimp, we are a certified ap on Zapier and have integrations with a thousand platforms. 

AE: Do you know how to add the eligible records throughout the promotion?

Subscriber: No

AE: It is so simple! Let me show and walk you through our Customer Center webpage where you will see everything you need to know. 

Subscriber: Great, thank you!

AE: Do you know how to use our easy Reward Blaster tool that sends rewards instantly?

Subscriber: No

AE: A couple of things to note about Reward Blaster:

  1. For the reward to go out instantly you must have funds in your Vault Pay account. 
  2. Reward Blaster has the option for you to turn off the activation digital hoop.
  3. You can send all different values of rewards at once and select specific retailers.

Let me take you through our Reward Blaster Customer Center page to take a more in-depth look at the tool!

AE: Do you know how to fund your vault pay account?

Subscriber: No

AE: Think of your Vault Pay account like your PromoVault bank Account! Make sure it is funded to keep your rewards going out instantly. Don’t worry if you don’t have funds your rewards will still be sent, the end-user just won’t be able to select a reward until it is funded. Let me take you through our Vault Pay Customer Center page to show you how it works!

I’ve started using Rewards Vault and still have some questions?

Subscriber: I funded my account and it hasn’t shown up in my Vault Pay yet?

AE: Are you set up to fund with ACH?

Subscriber: Yes

AE: With our ACH funding option the funds have to clear in order for them to be used. This usually takes about 5-7 business days. In the future, make sure your account has funds so rewards can go out instantly and provide the best reward experience 🙂

Subscriber: I am adding records to past promotions and the fulfillment date has passed. Why are the members not able to access their reward?

AE: That is because there are no funds in your Vaut Pay account. We recommend funding your account $200 so promotions will always run correctly. If you approve we can fund your account for you, just let me know 🙂

Subscriber: My member received a reminder email after their activation email, why did they receive this? I thought you only sent one email?

AE: The reminder email only happens if a member didn't open their original activation email. They will get a text-only email with the activation link because some email providers block emails that are unknown with images in them - this isn't something that they get consistently.

Subscriber: How many users can we have per account? 

AE: You can have as many user logins for your staff per account. Just let us know who needs access and we will create them a login.

Subscriber: A member of ours went to use their reward and it isn’t working?

(Make sure to get an email for the end-user. Go to their Vault Page and see which retailer they selected. Most of the retailers we partner with have a gift card balance checker on their website. Go to that web page and check the balance of the reward and take a screenshot for the Subscriber)

AE: Thank you for letting me know. I went ahead and checked the balance of the reward and (1. The funds are there for the end-user to use, 2. The funds were used on this date at this location). Promotion Vault does not make gift cards, we send the retailer's digital gift cards securely to the recipient.  Once they receive the gift card they can use the retailer's website for further instructions or questions. 

***Please note you are not able to check Amazon reward balances

Vault Statuses

Activation Date before Available Date & Funded = Coming Soon/Promotion’s Available Date

Activation Date before Available Date & Not Funded = Coming Soon/Promotion’s Available Date

Activation Date after Available Date & Not Funded = Check Back + 30 (from activation date)

Activation Date after Available Date & Funded = Choose Your Reward

Activation Date after Available Date & Funded = Reward Chosen