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Rewarding has never been easier with our ABC Fitness integration

Promotion Vault seamlessly integrates with ABC Fitness to enhance your gym’s promotional capabilities. Whether you’re running one promotion or multiple, our platform supports unlimited integrations without any hassle.

Our improved integration with ABC Fitness covers everything from syncing trial memberships, new member joins, and referrals to ACH transactions, membership upgrades, and even member check-ins.

See What Syncs

See what data syncs automatically with ABC Fitness, simplifying the process of tracking and rewarding member activities.

New Member Join

Any new member from a participating club who joins between the promotion’s start and end dates.

Guest Pass/Tour

Any prospect from a participating club who becomes a guest or takes a tour.

Switch to or Join with ACH

Any member who switches their membership payment type to EFT from any other source, or who signs up with EFT as payment type.

Completed Event

Any member who completes a specific event (appointment, class, etc.) between the promotion’s start and end dates.

Member Referral

Any member who is marked as the referral for a new member. The new member must join between the start date and the end date of the promotion.

New Member Checkins

Any new member who checks into the club a prescribed number of times within 30 days of their new membership.

New Member from a Referral

Any new member whose join date lands between the promotion’s start and end dates, and who also has a filled-in member in their Datatrak Referred By field.


Any member whose membership type or payment methods change from the one you selected to the one you selected.

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