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100% Free

Send $100, pay $100.
No setup or recurring costs.

Zero-Waste Rewards

Never pay for an unused reward again!
10% fee + only pay if the reward is activated.

Premium Features, Completely Free

  • Engage surveys and data
  • No setup or activation fee
  • Customizable emails and landing pages
  • Branded rewards account for recipients
  • Three ways to send rewards
  • Access to API and integrations
  • Dedicated success coach
  • Rewards automation
  • Access to full reward catalog
  • Free funding option

How Zero Waste Rewards Work

Only 60% of rewards are activated. Save money and only pay if a reward is activated.
Want to use Promotion Vault for free? Just skip the activation window and pay for each reward sent.

3 ways to Fund

Fund fast, for free, or with ease.

Credit Card

The fastest way to reward

Funds available instantly
3.5% fee

Direct Wire

Wire funds into your account
Funds available in 1-3 days


Link your bank account
Funds available in 5-7 days
0.8% fee

Your Reward Partners

You are never in this alone. Get a dedicated success coach every step of the way, along with premium support via email.

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