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Vault API

Create your own custom integration with Promotional Vault using our API. Our integrations work seamlessly with your data to deliver the right reward to the right person at the right time.

API Basics

Multi-Account Organization

Set-up and fund one or multiple accounts depending on your organization.

Activation On/Off Control

Remove the ‘digital hoop’ and fulfill all eligible rewards.

Reward Catalogs

Allow recipients to choose from a select set of retailers.

Place Orders

Blast a reward and let Promotion Vault deliver or generate links and do it your way.

Custom Message

Personalize your recipient communications.

Reward Links

Complete control without the fuss.

Instant Rewards

The fastest and easiest way to send rewards instantly.

Employee Engagement

Review all orders, track activation, and download recipient data.


Add eligible, change record status, and resend rewards.

Award Winning Experience

Ease of use, wide availability of options, and streamlined customer service.


We are called Promotion Vault for a reason!

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