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Set how many days recipients have to activate the reward. With only 60% of rewards activated, you save.

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Recipients can chose to spend their reward money their way. A gift card of their choice, with options for cash out or charity coming soon!

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Rewards are immediately available and ready to use via many of the popular e-gift card redemption methods: printed, Apple Pay, G Pay, saved to a camera roll or even added to the wallet on a smartphone.

Rewards are supported in The Vault for six months and gift cards never expire.

Engineered with the Consumer in Mind

Step 1: Eligible recipients are directed to activate their reward are notified of the date their reward will be available to choose.

Step 2: On the available date, eligible recipients choose their reward from our catalog.

Step 3: Eligible recipients immediately receive their reward – ready to be used and never expires. They can print, save or add to app.

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