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Revolutionize Your Sales & Marketing Incentives

marketing incentives as rewards with survey

Sales and marketing incentives have never been smarter. Only pay for rewards that are activated while building relationships with your customers and collecting valuable data.

Higher ROI with Zero Waste Rewards

Increase your ROI by only paying for rewards that are activated. You set the rules for when rewards can be claimed and when a potential reward expires.

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Build Relationships with Rewards

Marketing incentives that not only reward, but also build relationships with your audience. Our mini surveys are strategically placed during the reward process and boast a 97% response rate!

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Your Brand Rewarding

With customizable emails, landing pages, and rewards vault for your audience, your brand will stay top of mind throughout the rewards experience.


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Three Ways to Send

Upload, download or integrate, your choice.

Send Rewards Quickly

Have a list of email addresses that you want to send rewards? Customize their experience with your brand with our Quick Send.

Build Reward Promotions

Manage rewards from lead collection to fulfillment. Customize your branding, messaging, and reward catalog.

Create Reward Links

Download links and send them out to your recipients your own way on your own time.

Awesome to Receive

Step 1: Eligible recipients are directed to activate their reward are notified of the date their reward will be available to choose.

Step 2: On the available date, eligible recipients choose their reward from our catalog.

Step 3: Eligible recipients immediately receive their reward – ready to be used and never expires. They can print, save or add to app.

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Integrate with anything you need using Zapier or our API. Built in integration with ABC Fitness.

Your Reward Partners

You are never in this alone. Get a dedicated success coach every step of the way, along with premium support via email.

Over 4,700 Trusted Partners

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