Case Studies

Industry: Fitness App

Product: Subscribers Acquisition + Retention

Company: Undisclosed but imagine OpenFit

Monthly Trials Increase


Conversion Increase


Revenue Increase


A leading app developer is producing workouts on-demand for subscribers to consume at home (or anywhere) at any time they desire. Prior to Covid-19, the app had seen consistent 10% growth, month over month, but in April/May, they tripled their subscriber base as gyms and studios had closed worldwide.

Since this jump in subscribers, things have normalized again and the growth has stabilized. Hoping to gain as many subscribers as possible before consumers return to their brick-and-mortar fitness options, and the fact that their offers were stale, they wanted to incentivize growth using Promotion Vault.

Their most successful campaign for acquisition was to offer “free trials” and then discounts for the actual membership. They averaged a 57% trial-to-purchase closing %. Upon changing the incentive from a discount to a $25 e-gift card, their closing/conversion % increased to 73% - Of those who signed up, 67% of them activated their reward.

The following month, they began incentivizing acquisition for the ‘free trial’ by offering a $10 e-gift card if they signed up for the trial and completed three workouts. This resulted in their having a 45% increase in free trials - 53% completed the three workouts and qualified for the e-gift card and 44% activated their reward.

Overall, the company saw a 186% increase in overall revenue (156% increase when factoring in the cost of the reward).

Industry: Software (SaaS)

Product: Subscribers Acquisition

Company: Undisclosed but imagine MailChimp or Smartsheet

Increase In Prospects




Revenue Increase


An undisclosed popular CRM SaaS company offers their communication and lead management/follow-up tools to companies and individuals on a monthly subscription model. In this highly competitive space, they have seen their acquisition numbers stagnate and their retention rates go down. They are launching a new version of their SaaS and they are anxious to get former users (and prospects who did not subscribe) to consider subscribing with the new features and tools made available.

In the nature of a SaaS product, they do not have a robust sales team, and hosting 1:1 webinars would be challenging and a slow process…but the CEO is confident if people would only take 5 minutes to understand the new features they would be convinced to subscribe.

They launched a robust advertising and re-marketing campaign geared to getting people to agree to discover the new features of their platform and worked with Promotion Vault to incentivize their participation with a promise of a $25 e-gift card just for spending 5-minutes self-touring the product upgrades. They made an interactive website that asked for the prospect to supply their email address (and other optional fields) and then the site walked them through the features, each step requiring a click-through action. Occasionally the prospect was polled (survey questions) and some features utilized gamification. At the end of the digital sales presentation, they were given the option to subscribe right away to receive an additional $75 E-gift Card (total $100). If they did not subscribe they received the promised $25 e-gift card.

The advertising campaign promising the $25 just for taking “the product tour” increased their prospect traffic nearly 3x compared to the months prior. 67% of those who supplied their email completed the tour to the price-presentation (earning the $25) and 55% of the prospects signed up for a subscription (earning the $75 reward) which would be sent to them when the 30-day trial was completed and their billing was processed. Overall, they had a 151% increase in total revenue from subscriptions - 132% increase net the cost of the e-gift cards.

Industry: Retail Consumer Packaged Goods

Product: Reward Codes

Company: Undisclosed but imagine a wireless bluetooth speaker

Monthly Sales Increase


Reward Revenue Advantage


Revenue Increase


The technology world is quick to evolve and flood with competitive products - each with a slightly elevated USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and in a relatively similar price point.

An undisclosed technology brand was positioning their product in big box retail stores side by side with similar products with similar features. Their product was oftentimes priced between 10% and 15% higher than their cheaper competitors which they tried to justify with their marketing of higher quality manufacturing, but their campaigns have fallen short on moving their sales numbers above the cheaper options.

They were faced with the difficult choice to lower their price (reversing their own brand message which effectively told consumers they “pay for what they get”) or to find another way to incentivize consumers to spend a little bit more money for their better product. They decided to run two tests across 10 stores. 5 stores will be doing discounts and 5 stores will be offering a $50 e-gift card incentive (redeemable at hand-picked companion brands their consumer data said would appeal the best). They changed up their packaging (at the incentive stores) to include this marketing message on the outside along with the “e-gift card custom redemption code” variable printed e-gift card placed in each of their packages. They downloaded the codes from Promotion Vault and provided the custom landing page to redeem the code post-purchase. At the discount stores, they reduced the price of their item by 20% and added some in-store signage promoting the sale.

After a month of testing, the average of both test groups showed an increase in the number of sales of ~32%. The stores offering the discount (when you consider the loss of 20%) actually increased sales 106% from the same period year over year. The stores that offered the $50 e-gift card incentive, had the same number of increased sales, but the revenue generated was over 132% from YOY. Even when you net out the cost of the e-gift cards (27% actually were activated) the net revenue was still over 124% and the brand maintained their integrity and even increased their value in the consumer’s eye by giving a “gift” with their purchase and increased affinity by aligning themselves with top companion brands.

Industry: Data Collection/Survey/Feedback/Polling

Product: Survey/Data Vault

Company: Data agency unspecified

Response Increase




Revenue Increase


Unspecified data aggregator uses many ways to collect valuable consumer data for their host of clients who are seeking polled data and insights from either their provided database of customers or from general population targeted geography or based on other defined parameters by their clients.

On average they deploy requests for data to over 3.5 million people per month. Prior to working with Promotion Vault, their average rate of response was 4-6%.

Using a test client, they began offering a $10 Amazon e-gift card for completed feedback forms. In one month, they saw the rate of response increase to 13% (doubled) which resulted in an astonishing 160% increase in bottom-line revenue. The net revenue increase (after only 44% of the e-gift card recipients activated their reward) was over 20%. Additionally, the client's data collection project was fulfilled 2x faster which established a stronger relationship between the data company and their client.

Their next initiative will be using DATA VAULT to collect even more data for clients upon the activation of the e-gift card where the recipient will be asked 2-3 additional polling questions in order to claim their reward.

Industry: Hotel/Travel/Entertainment

Product: Buy

Company: Undisclosed Hotel + Restaurant Group

Incentive Value




Revenue Increase


A private investment firm that has invested interest in several hospitality and lifestyle brands. They mainly run digital ads to attract people to their properties with included dining experiences when someone searches for travel-related materials to areas in which they have properties.

In the past, they have used discounting to attract people but with the decrease in travel and tourism (due to COVID19) they need to focus on maximizing the revenue per guest/visit, and still attract the attention of the limited audience. Their advertising agency suggesting promoting the high-end experience and building value in their brands, making the “expense for the experience” worth it.

In combination with their shift in messaging, they decided to add e-gift card incentives through Promotion Vault to promote booking/reservations speed (short term promotions) as well as promote for their customers to use their e-gift card reward ($100) to purchase a new swimsuit/sunglasses/etc (promoting a specific e-gift card catalog of top retailers matching their ideal customer).

In a YOY comparison of the revenue generated per visitor, it was up 147%. When tourism normalizes again, they would benefit from continuing with e-gift card incentives (over discounts) and maintain the 147% more revenue per person at their normal traffic levels.

Industry: Car Sales

Product: Trial

Company: Undisclosed dealership chain

Increase In Traffic


2 Year Revenue Increase


1 Year Revenue Increase


When you have the intersection of a good product and good salespeople, you have the only challenge of bringing potential customers to meet at that place.

In a world where car-buying has gone “virtual” with car-vending machines and e-commerce connections to having a car dropped off at your door with zero interactions, the traffic into this chain of car dealerships was being negatively affected. Fewer sales opportunities mean fewer sales. In the past 24 months, there has been a decrease in test drives of 37% and a decrease in revenue by 26%.

The executives knew they had to get more traffic and turned to Promotion Vault to advertise an e-gift card incentive for taking a test drive (no purchase necessary). Their advertising agency promoted heavily in the areas around their dealerships and they targeted people who were already looking online for their particular brands of vehicles.

Over the course of 90-days, they offered a $25 Amazon gift card to anyone who scheduled and attended a test drive. In this period, they saw the test drive traffic increase 149% from 2019 to similar levels from 2018, and with the increase in car prices, they saw a 119% increase in revenue from the same period in 2018 and an impressive 160% increase in revenue from the same period of time in 2019.

Industry: Restaurant

Product: Rewards Program

Company: Undisclosed Fast Casual Food Chain

Average Transaction Increase


Repeat Visit Increase


Revenue Increase


A regional fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain was experiencing stagnation in their numbers, which has caused them to cease expanding to new markets that had increase competition and higher rent. They needed to see significant improvement in their KPI’s before moving forward with their growth plan.

They focused on the # of transactions, the average receipt value, and the # of times someone visited their restaurant in any given month. They connected with Promotion Vault to institute a Loyalty and Rewards Program to help improve these KPI’s.

They subscribed 40% of their customers into their Rewards Program, which offered them a $5 e-gift card (useable at over 100 top retailers) for every $25 they spend at their restaurant.

When they reviewed the results from those who were enrolled in their loyalty program, they saw a 121% increase in their average ticket transaction amount, as customers knew every dollar they spent added to their balance which would trigger the e-gift card reward, they purchased more beverages and desserts. They also saw a 163% increase in their repeat visits by their rewarded customers. This resulted in a 121% increase in revenue from this group and nearly 859 e-gift cards were sent out with an activation rate of 36% their net revenue increase was 107%.

This is exactly what they needed to see happen in order to proceed with their growth plans.