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active on Promotion Vault.

Industry Utilization

Health Clubs and Fitness Studios have been using rewards as incentives to drive meaningful actions that help drive revenue. This includes;

• Appointment Show
• Feedback / Survey Response
• Rewards / Loyalty Programs
• Referral Conversions
• ACH Conversion
• Attendance / Check-Ins
• Personal Training Services
• New Member Acquisition

Total Actions

Total Reward Value

Total Savings




We wanted to change the narrative of our brand. Instead of offering zero and free, we offered a limited-time flash sale with an eGift Card. It proved so effective we ran multiple short term flash sales to close out our month and meet our goals.Chad Waetzig, EVP of Marketing and Branding, Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness wanted to drive new memberships while increasing the lifetime value of their customer. By offering a high perceived value eGift Card they were able to collect 100% of their enrollment fee.

At Chuze we like to add value to our membership and Promotion Vault has been a great resource for our initiatives. We started with incentivizing pre-sale and quickly moved to other actions. Our members love the gift cards and Promotion Vault's support has made our campaigns run smoothly.Chris Peterson

I have been involved the HALO space for over 15 years and I have never had a solution for my Clients to increase revenue overnight. Promotion Vault has proven that offering members a gift card for upgrading their membership to a higher tier works in a big way. We have seen Clients increase their monthly revenue upwards of 20,000 by offering a $20 gift card. Pete Moore, Founder, Integrity Square

I partnered with Promotion Vault in February 2019 and it has been a top 5 difference maker for our company this year. We have tried several different Gift Card strategies and every promotion was well worth it! Overall, we are having our best new member enrollment numbers we have had in years. Promotion Vault has given us the ability to be creative in an industry that is extremely competitive and a lot of the times can be very repetitive. It has been a great way to get our creative juices flowing and differentiate ourselves from the competition. The promotion opportunities are endless!Adam Osborn, COO, Fitness 19

After incentivizing the activation within the first 3 days, guest pass activations increased, and even more importantly our conversion rate to membership increased from 9% up to 17%.Stephen Roma, CEO, Jersey Strong

Crunch Fitness wanted to drive new memberships while increasing the lifetime value of their customer. By offering a high perceived value eGift Card they were able to collect 100% of their enrollment fee.

We have tried many different strategies to increase our show rate on Fitness Consults, nothing has had the immediate and direct results as offering an Amazon Gift Card. Promotion Vault is great to work with and we feel lucky to have them right here in Arizona. Mario Arce, COO, Mountainside Fitness

Immediately upon closing due to the Covid-19 Crisis, The Alaska Club gave their members the choice between freezing their membership or taking advantage of a promotion to receive 110% of their membership dues in gift cards of their choice, in return for continuing their memberships.







promotion offered for April & May membership dues / roi $150k +

We spent a lot of time perfecting our intro class and know that if you try it you'll be hooked, so we decided to use the incentive of a gift card to increase the completions of the Intro Class. A $10 Gift Card drove 20% more completed classes.Jessica Yarmey, Former CMO, Club Pilates

Club Pilates has a very high conversion rate on their intro-class. By offering a $10 reward for completing an Intro Class, Club Plates drove a 36% increase in new members.

Dynamic Fitness wanted to find the most effective way to convert membership billing to ACH. The promotion offers a gift card for joining or switching their billing to ACH.

ACH Increase


Default Accounts

- 6%

Annual ROI

$350k +

The ability to put a gift card incentive to get the actions that we want is the reason we have launched so many programs with Promotion Vault. From getting a member to renew early, to getting missed guests to join we have seen the value of eGift Cards in moving the needle.Joshua Rider, Forner SVP of Revenue Management, Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym supports over 100 corporate and 600 franchised health clubs. Creating a turn-key marketing strategy that can be implemented across the entire network without interfering with local marketing initiatives was the goal.