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The Crunch Fitness Rewards Platform

See why we have been partners with Crunch Fitness for over 7 years!

Shift from traditional discounts to custom-branded rewards. With Promotion Vault, motivate desired actions through rewards, fostering deeper connections with both your members and your employees.

Our corporate-approved templates integrate seamlessly and have a proven track record across hundreds of Crunch Fitness clubs. With our model, you only pay for cards that get activated, making your incentives a strategic asset that improve your bottom line.

Marketing Rewards That Work

Use marketing reward templates that have worked for hundreds of Crunch Fitness gyms.
Rewarding has never been easier.

Encourage Upgrades

$20 reward for upgrading membership. Run for a month quarterly.

Ave. cost: $12

Reward Referrals

$20 reward for the referring member, $10 reward for the new member. Runs ongoing for best results.

Ave. cost: $18

ACH Join & Switch

$10 reward for signing up with or switching to ACH. Optimal for converting online cc joins. Runs ongoing for best results.

Ave. cost: $6

Special Flash Sale

A special $20 reward to new members for joining. Run for 3-5 days to either kick start or closeout the month. Run at least once a quarter.

Ave. cost: $12

Corporate Approved & Provided Images in Brand Builder

Upgrade Membership
Referral Reward
ACH Switch
Flash Sale

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Employee Appreciation Rewards

Use employee reward templates that automatically engage and appreciate your employees with ease.

Welcome to the Team

Give a $20 reward upon joining your team as a new employee.

Cost: $20 per new hire

Reward Referrals

Employees earn a $50 reward you hire someone they referred.

Cost: $50 per referral

Anniversary Reward

Your employees earn a $25 reward every 3 months just to show your appreciation.

Cost: $100 per employee annually

Happy Birthday

Give a $50 reward on your employee’s birthday. Who doesn’t love a birthday gift?

Cost: $50 per employee

Performance Rewards

Performance rewards are a great way to motivate your team and reward them when they reach their goals.

Keep it simple. For each goal achieved that month, every member of the specified department will receive a $50 reward. Higher reward values customized for GM’s and executive team members as needed.

Monthly Membership Units

Team: Sales

Top Net Gain % of Members

Team: Sales & Reception

Highest POS Personal Training Revenue Sold

Team: Sales

Highest BOH Personal Training Revenue

Team: Personal Training

Highest Membership Upgrade Units sold

Team: Sales

Highest Overdue Accounts Revenue

Team: Reception

Highest Gross Retail Sales

Team: Reception

Highest Average Sessions Done

Team: Personal Training

Integrate with ABC Fitness

With our improved ABC Fitness integration, you receive a seamless rewarding experience for you and your members.

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What our customers say


“ACH has always been a priority at my clubs, but getting current members to convert is difficult to track and hard to maintain. Promotion Vaults strategy to incentivize with an Gift Card or cash has been by far the most effective and has allowed us to roll-out an ongoing initiative at my clubs.”

Assaf Gal
Crunch Fitness l AD Fitness


“Promotion Vault provides seamless rewards from concept to reality.”

Geoff Dyer
Crunch Fitness l VRJ Holdings


“We wanted to change the narrative of our brand, instead of offering a discount or free enrollment we ran a limited time join promotion with a Gift Card reward. It proved so effective we run multiple short term promotions a month when needed to meet our goals.”

Chad Waetzig
EVP of Marketing and Branding
Crunch Fitness

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Only Pay for Rewards Activated

On average, 40% of rewards are never claimed. Improve your bottom line by only paying for rewards activated.

Talk to your success coach about our preferred partner pricing!

3 ways to Fund

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Credit Card

The fastest way to reward

Funds available instantly
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Direct Wire

Wire funds into your account
Funds available in 1-3 days


Link your bank account
Funds available in 5-7 days
0.8% fee

Toni Anne Fardette

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