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We provide infrastructure and consultation that  
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The best in class digital incentive platform for enterprise marketing programs, nationwide.
Promotion Vault is

Our Incentive Engagement Engine manages promotional eGift Card incentives that integrate seamlessly within strategic points of your customer life-cycle marketing program.

Increase response rates on your high-value campaigns by an average of 10%

Promotion Vault eGift Card Incentive Marketing
Delivering the right gift to the right customer at the right time is what we do.
Behind The Vault.
The Brains

The Brains
Behind The Vault.

Delivering the right gift to the right customer at the right time is what we do.

Promotion Vault - Where Your Data Drives Revenue!

Align your incentive marketing campaigns with top consumer brands

Pricing Quote: We only bill you for incentives that are redeemed by your customer

Promotion Vault autonomously manages the distribution of eGift Card incentives to your customers. Our service fee is 10% of your customer incentive face value.


Marketing Discounts vs. Incentives

Consumers perceive incentives to have a much higher value than discounts. In the modern world, consumers have been groomed to look past traditional discounts on fees and services. Incentive Marketing will increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Have a Question?

We can help you answer many of the questions you might have about Incentive Marketing, and Promotion Vault.

What vertical does Promotion Vault serve?

Promotion Vault is vertical agnostic. We service all types of brands looking to add additional value to their promotions and offers. We make it easy for any business to integrate eGift Card incentives into their campaign marketing.

Can I run a gift card promotion for one month?

Yes, you can! We encourage you to try an A/B test of our Incentive Engagement Engine against your existing discount based marketing campaigns.

How does the “No Fee First Promotion Program” work?

With our No Fee First Promotion Program, we waive our service fees so you only pay for the cost of the digital gift cards redeemed. At Promotion Vault our return on investment metrics speak for themselves. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your customer acquisition and retention programs.

What does it take to get started?

Our Data Integration Desk has you covered! Our API experts deliver secure data integration and autonomous ongoing management. Contact us today to ask about our tiered data and security model, and how it allows for seamless CRM and POS connectivity.

What about customer service issues? Who handles those?

We do! Our Incentive Support Hub provides 24/7 coverage for your customers that require assistance in taking advantage of their incentive. Our managed support model abates any negative customer service impacts to your existing organizational structure.

Integrating eGift Card incentives into your marketing promotions will improve your acquisition or retention campaigns return on investment.

Ask us about our No Fee First Promotion Program!

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