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Add e-gift cards to your promotions and offers without the added hassle.
Handling the hassle is our business!
The World's Easiest Way to Manage E-Gift Card Promotions
Promotion Vault is

Add E-Gift Cards to Your Promotions

Promotion Vault makes it simple to maximize your marketing efforts by adding strategic and high value Gift Cards to your Marketing.

Simple Is As Simple Does

Promotion Vault’s cutting-edge infrastructure makes using e-gift cards as incentives easy, fast and most important, secure! Get in the e-gift card game.

Delivering the right gift to the right customer at the right time is what we do.
Behind The Vault.
The Brains

The Brains
Behind The Vault.

Delivering the right gift to the right customer at the right time is what we do.


What The Customer Sees

We’ve mastered the process of automation. Promotion Vault communicates with your customers on your behalf with automated correspondence. Our team is standing by 24/7 to help them when needed. You can just sit back and relax.


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Big Brands = Big Value

Align your brand with the biggest brands in the world.

Simple Pricing

Promotion Vault distributes and manages E-Gift Card promotions for you at a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself. We’re not into confusing algorithms to establish our cost. We charge for the gift card and a 10% service fee for each one we manage on your behalf.


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Take it to the next level with e-gift card promotions! We've made it a snap, simplified the cost and removed the headaches.

Have a Question?

We can help you answer many of the questions you might have about Promotion Vault.

Who uses the Vault?

Promotion Vault services Brands looking to add additional value to their promotions and offers. We make it easy for any business to use e-gift cards to incentivize their customers.

Can I run a gift card promotion for one month?

Of course. Run a promotion for one month or infinite months. Run a different promotion every month. We can work with that.

How does the “No Fee First Promotion Program” work?

By using our proprietary e-gifting platform, we email the gift cards to the customers that are eligible. With our No Fee First Promotion Program, you only pay for the cost of the gift cards. You are only paying for your successes. Once you know that Promotion Vault works for you, run as many promotions as you can or want.

Can I use the Gift Card in my marketing materials?

YES, we’ve already done all the complicated stuff, working out the branded images and terms and conditions, for the e-gift cards. When you head over to Promo-HQ you’ll find the pre-approved gift card images and everything you need to know when using the gift card in your marketing.

What Is The Difference Between Confirmation and No Confirmation?

Promotion Vault has a function that adds a step to the fulfillment process where the customer has to confirm their information such as name, email and a unique identifier. This added step will take your redemptions from 100% to 50% due to customers not taking the needed action. Promotion Vault will only implement this function on high volume promotions.

What Does A Customer Do If They Have A Question or Problem?

Promotion Vault is the only e-Gift Card service provider who hooks to your data in order to fulfill and support all promotions. Our customer support portal is found at YOURPROMOTIONVAULT.COM and can be accessed 24/7 for immediate action.

Add e-gift cards to your promotions and offers without the added hassle.
Handling the hassle is our business!

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