7 Reasons to Switch to an Incentives Automation Platform

Whether you’re sending simple one-off thank you gifts or running complex multi-touch incentive campaigns to drive engagement, Incentives Automation Platforms are transforming the way organizations manage and monitor the giving of Rewards, Incentives, and Payments.

Incentives Automation enables organizations to purchase and deliver gift cards, locked gift cards, vouchers and coupons via text message and email in ways that create memorable recipient experiences while building valuable, lasting relationships.


Great programs deliver the right incentive at the right time to maximize both engagement and outcome. “Incentives do matter, *but in various and sometimes unexpected ways.” Incentives Automation lets users mix and match gift cards, locked gift cards, vouchers and coupons, to meet the needs of each and every campaign.


Incentive Automation Platforms eliminate program waste by allowing you to define the life of each digital gift card, voucher or coupon. Funds for incentives that are not opened within your pre-set timeframe are automatically returned to your account. You receive a 100% refund on your gift value so you never waste money on unclaimed incentives, boosting your program’s


One-off tactical campaigns have their place, but multi-touch programs with incentives followed by reminders drive superior results! Motivating prospects to take action often means being in the right place at the right time. Incentives Automation gives you the ability to pre-create programs that continually keep your organization and program top-of-mind.


Managing multiple programs across multiple departments can make funds allocation a complex and potentially risky proposition. With a single platform, you control who has access to each program, what funds can be allocated, and who can approve final delivery. Detailed reporting lets you know: incentives claimed, pending, and returned to your account.


Creating incentive programs usually requires multiple tools and people over the life of the program. Incentives Automation Platforms let you allocate funds, design stunning messages and launch campaigns in minutes! Simply add your logo, message and target audience and you’re ready to reward, incentivize, compensate or just say Thank You!


Connecting to the apps you use every day makes your team more productive. Whether your goal is connecting to a survey application, CRM, or marketing automation - or all of the above, Incentives Automation provides the connectivity to make sure your tools share information to build, launch and monitor every step of your program.


Measuring program performance is key to understanding what works, and what doesn’t! Whether running a single program or multiple programs over months or years, keeping your incentive results in one place lets you compare and contrast each and every program over time, with detailed metrics that monitor everything from funds allocations to final results!

* Gneezy, U., Meier, S., & Rey-Biel, P. (2011) When and Why Incentives (Don’t) Work to Modify Behavior