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Appealing to the Average Gym Member

While most fitness advertising shows us images of beautiful, young men and women, the truth is that the average gym member is over 40 years old. Is your gym’s marketing appealing to the average gym member?

Here are some things to keep in mind when appealing to the average gym member:


The over 40 crowd has more disposable income to spend, not just on gym memberships. They can afford extras like classes, personal trainers and merchandise.



Members over 40 have more health related workout motivations. They benefit more from biometric oriented goals than goals about physical appearance.



Members who no longer work have the flexibility to come to the gym when you’re least busy. Utilize this by offering more low impact activities and age appropriate media during these hours.



While the younger members may be the most tech savvy, don’t count out those over 40 when you think of who your app users are. Organizations such as AARP are marketing smart phones. Apps that track health metrics such as blood pressure and pulse are becoming more popular and can be very useful. Offer the extra bit of customer service that helps these members get the most out of apps and wearables.



Include a broader age range in your targeted marketing. Visuals that only portray younger members may imply that older members aren’t welcome.



Offer promotional incentives that appeal to all ages. Some incentives just won’t motivate members over 40. Gift cards for and Target carry merchandise for every generation.

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