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Run an effective Employee Reward program using rewards by Promotion Vault

Run an effective Employee Reward program using rewards from Promotion Vault

Run an effective Employee Reward program using rewards from Promotion Vault

An employee reward program is a system created by employers to acknowledge and encourage positive actions and achievements among their workers. 

It involves recognizing employees for their hard work and accomplishments through various means, such as bonuses, incentives, career development opportunities, and other perks. 

The purpose is to motivate employees, enhance job satisfaction, and foster a positive work environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Why run an employee reward program?

Running an employee reward program is important because it helps recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of team members. When people feel valued for their efforts, it boosts their motivation and makes them more engaged in their work. 

Employee reward programs can improve the overall atmosphere at work, creating a positive and supportive environment.

What kind of behavior should be rewarded by an employee reward program?

An employee reward program should recognize and celebrate positive behaviors and achievements that contribute to the success of the workplace.

  • Outstanding Performance
    • Achieving and exceeding performance targets or goals.
    • Consistently delivering high-quality work and results.
  • New Employee Onboard
    • Shows appreciation and makes them feel valued from the start.
    • Encourage a strong connection to the company, increasing the likelihood of their long-term commitment and dedication to their new role.
  • Team Collaboration
    • Collaborating effectively with colleagues and contributing positively to team dynamics.
    • Going above and beyond to support team goals and objectives.
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • Providing exceptional customer service that leads to high levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Going the extra mile to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Employment Anniversaries
    • Show appreciation and celebrate their commitment to the company.
    • Create a supportive and motivating environment, encouraging the employee to continue contributing their best to the team.
  • Celebrate Birthdays
    • Thoughtful way to show appreciation for their contributions and to make them feel valued as individuals. 
    • Demonstrate that the employer cares about the well-being and happiness of their team members, ultimately boosting morale and strengthening the overall work environment.

Organizations need to communicate the criteria for rewards and ensure that the reward program aligns with the overall business objectives. 

Regularly reviewing and updating the program based on feedback and changing organizational needs is also crucial for its effectiveness.

Offer Digital Rewards by Promotion Vault to encourage participation

Offering digital rewards in an employee reward program is a smart choice because it provides employees with convenient and flexible ways to enjoy their incentives. 

On average, companies spend about $275 per employee each year or around $23 per employee every month on recognizing and appreciating their efforts.

Rewards offered by Promotion Vault can be easily accessed. They allow employees to pick rewards that suit their preferences, whether shopping online, enjoying streaming services, or buying apps. 

Rewards by Promotion Vault are quick and less expensive to deliver, making the recognition process more efficient and engaging for employees, contributing to a positive and modern work environment that values the preferences and convenience of the team.

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Implementing an employee rewards program with Zapier and Promotion Vault

Zapier is a platform that enables the integration of various apps to automate workflows. When setting up an employee reward program using Zapier, you can integrate apps that manage your program with Promotion Vault to streamline the reward experience. 

A few examples


Zapier can Trigger from activities in Asana, such as when they complete a task or when they first join your team and then add the employee to a PromotionVault promotion.

Google Sheets

You can use Google Sheets to keep track of an employee’s rewards and add them to a promotion.

Tip: Use Google Calendar to remind you of employee anniversaries, then add them to your sheet to get a reward!


Use Typeform to collect feedback from employees, and then send them a reward with Promotion Vault.


You can use Bonusly to administer your reward program fully, and Promotion Vault to send the rewards. It’s like scoring points every time you do something great or help out a teammate. 

Bonusly lets you earn recognition points when you do something amazing at work, like finishing a project or helping a colleague.


Running an effective employee reward program is crucial for recognizing and appreciating the dedication and hard work of team members. This program involves acknowledging achievements through various means, fostering a positive work environment, and ultimately contributing to the organization’s success. 

Recognizing outstanding performance, promoting teamwork, celebrating employment anniversaries and birthdays, and offering digital rewards through Promotion Vault are key components of a successful program. The convenience, flexibility, and efficiency of digital rewards make them a smart choice, aligning with modern work environments that value employee preferences. 

Integrating such programs with Zapier streamlines the process and enhances the overall employee experience. By continuously communicating criteria, reviewing feedback, and updating the program, organizations can create a motivating and supportive workplace culture.

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