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Welcome to the Future of Rewards and Payouts!

Easily send rewards and payouts at scale with your branding while enhancing engagement, learning from your audience, and delivering a rewarding experience. 

The best part? You only need to pay for rewards that are activated. Never waste money on an unused reward again.

Only Pay for Activated Rewards

Never waste on an unused reward again. Make sure you only pay for rewards that are actually received!

Engage on Every Reward

Engage your audience with our mini surveys that boast an impressive 97% response rate.

Rewards From Your Brand

Your brand is top of mind throughout the reward experience.


Emails can be wrong. Users could lose interest. Never pay for an unused reward again. You set the rules on when rewards expire.

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Engage with your audience with our min surveys. Gain valuable insights you can use for future rewards.

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Give reward choices that recipients love and are easy to redeem. And only pay for those rewards actually activated, saving your money.

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What our customers say

“Excellent customer support beyond a “normal” tech platform.”

Jeff Miller, SVP Marketing, OrangeTheory Fitness

Marketing Incentives

Revolutionize sales and marketing with smart, zero-waste incentives. Launch branded promotions instantly and gather key insights about your audience.

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Employee Engagement

Delight and engage your employees with effortless-to-send, fantastic-to-receive rewards. Effortlessly gather valuable feedback during the reward process.

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