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PV Client Highlight: How Retro Fitness, Church Ave. Runs a Limited Time Incentive Promotion

Benjamin Peker, General Manager
Benjamin Peker is the General Manager at Retro Fitness, Church Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.

Recently, Promotion Vault spoke to one of our Retro Fitness clients to discuss how they made our 4th of July Flash Deal incentive promotion work so well for them. A “Flash Deal” is a special limited time incentive promotion that runs over specific dates with a higher value incentive, as opposed to the standard month-long run of most promotions.

Benjamin Peker, General Manager

Benjamin Peker, General Manager at the Retro Fitness Church Avenue location in Brooklyn, NY  knows how to make incentives do the most work for his club. The center of his strategy is the human component.

Know Your Members 

The trainers at Church Ave build close relationships with our members.
The trainers at Church Ave build close relationships with their members.

Benjamin always seeks to know the members of his club and the community from which they come. By understanding what they are looking for, he’s able to make sure he offers what they want. He’s always looking to positively affect the consumer as an individual. This is done through various marketing avenues, including the use of Promotion Vault’s incentive programs.

Run a Flash Deal Limited Time Incentive Promotion

In particular, Benjamin finds that the Flash Deal limited time incentive promotion offers an extra push to a customer’s motivation. This is particularly valuable for end of month sales where a customer is energized, but may be wavering. It always works as a great way to get people through the doors for end of month sales.

Holiday Flash Deals, such as for the 4th of July work a bit differently. Whereas, month-end carries its own traffic, holiday deals can require a bit more footwork to get out the word. Conversely, many holidays carry an expectation of sales and promotions that customers come looking for.

The Church Avenue Retro Fitness works hard to build a team relationship among its staff.
The Church Avenue Retro Fitness works hard to build a team relationship among its staff. (Big AL, Clemont, Roger, and Tasher)

Benjamin’s “Sports Mentorship Approach”

The real key to making these promotions work that Benjamin uses is staff involvement. At his club, his work to create a team environment has paid off. He utilizes a “sports mentorship approach” which involves:

  • Accountability to win
  • Working as a team toward a greater goal
  • Creating staff cohesion (frequent after work outings like bowling are one of the benefits of working at Church Ave.)
  • Keeping the work environment fun and interactive

Work the Incentive

This sports mentorship approach has the added benefit of keeping all team members in the loop. When the staff is always up to date on all current promotions, they can be sure to use the incentives in the best ways possible. They use their available assets such as provided flyers. As members of the community they spread the word about current promotions, including any limited time incentive promotion, and help make the noise about the incentives. And, as winners, the gift card incentive is always a go-to move for scoring the points to close.

Thanks for the pointers, Benjamin. And, congratulations on your winning team at the Church Ave. Retro!

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