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Make Your Data Actionable

You are always collecting data. Maybe passively, maybe aggressively. If you’re a gym you should be collecting attendance data every time a member enters and signs in or swipes their membership card. You have names and emails through their membership forms. There is a whole collection of actionable data that you have for most every person that has walked into your gym. What are you doing with it?


What are you doing with your data?

Most of the data you have is likely sitting around collecting dust. You shake it off if someone misses a payment or forgets their keys in the locker room. What else would you use it for?


What can you do with your data?

Each set of data is potential action. You have activity logged, demographics, contact information, membership status and more. Would you like to increase member attendance? Would you like to improve member relations by acknowledging their birthdays? Would you like to reactivate expired members? All of these actions can be initiated via their data.


Data show activity and trends.

If you have group classes, personal trainers or other extras, your data shows that activity for your members. With that data, you can determine relationships between members who take group classes and retention, relations between personal trainer use and smoothie purchases. Using those relations, you can adjust your marketing and incentivize to encourage activities that are associated with the greatest overall function and revenue generation for your club.


Vendors can supply you with actionable data.

In addition to the data your club collects itself, your vendors are also collecting data. Payment processors and customer management vendors such as ABC Financial can provide you with specific data on members’ activities and histories.


The days of billboard marketing are over.

These are the golden days of targeted marketing. Through data analysis you can find the specific members most likely to try your new hot yoga class. You can know at what point in a membership someone is most likely to sign on with a personal trainer.

What once would have been high cost blanket marketing campaign of highway billboards, direct mail pieces and newspaper ads aiming to reach the maximum capacity of any and all people, is now a highly specific, targeted campaign of virtual advertisement costing you only for actual, potential leads, determined through actionable data.


Make the data actionable.

Your data has told you who to target to do what action. But, how do you inspire them to take action now? Take the data one step further and determine which incentive is most likely to motivate which targets.

For example, you may note a heavy crossover between members who take group classes and those who shop on This data would lead you to run a promotion incentivizing members most likely to enjoy group classes by offering an gift card.


We know what’s valuable to you.

Gift card incentive providers, such as Promotion Vault, enable you to utilize your actionable data. Their platform parses through your member records, identifying the specific targets for your promotion. In partnership with your promotion, the fulfillment is automatically processed and completed. Any customer service requests are directed to the provider and handled there as well.

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