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Overcoming Lack of Accessibility

The number one factor when members decide on a gym is how conveniently located it is. A survey of gym members found that 50% stayed with their gym based on location, alone. But, not all gym members are deterred if you have a lack of accessibility.

Only 38% made their decision based on the exercise equipment.


Does your gym lack accessibility?

Should you make a move?

If your gym is not conveniently located, you may decide it’s worth the time, money and trouble to move. If you decide that’s not the way to go, there are some things you can do.


Make yourself a destination

Appeal to that 38%. Maintain the best equipment and keep everything in great condition. Market your gym on quality and you can charge accordingly for that priority.


Make sure your membership finds you

You’ll need to make sure your ideal member gets a chance to try your quality gym. Offer appropriate incentives to bring them to your doors. Using data-based marketing incentives, you can appeal to gym goers who value quality over convenience. One you’ve narrowed down that target market, data again can tell you what incentives most appeal to that segment.

Data-based, incentive marketing firms such as Promotion Vault offer assistance in market selection, choosing incentives, and full-service incentive fulfillment to best fit your marketing goals and resources.

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