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The OTF Gift Card Partner

A branded rewards platform that engages your employees, prospects and members. Incentivized campaigns drive the action you want, creating the loyalty you deserve. See why OTF clubs throughout the country are partnering with Promotion Vault.

Marketing Rewards That Work

Use templates that work, edit as you see fit, or build for your own needs. Rewarding has never been easier.

New Members

$50 reward to join during a limited time / Premier memberships.

Ave. COA: $35

New Referrals

$50 reward for referring member, $25 reward for the new member. 

Ave. COA: $50

ACH Payment

$20 reward to switch to a bank account for membership dues.

Ave. COA: $12

Increase Completed Intros

$10 reward to for prospects to complete their first Intro class.

Ave. COA: $6

Use Tried & True Reward Programs

Don’t build your loyalty program from scratch. Use what is already working for other OTF clubs – and have a chance to increase your referrals by 78%.

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Employee Appreciation Rewards

Use employee reward templates that automatically engage and appreciate your employees with ease.

Welcome to the Team

Give a $20 reward upon joining your team as a new employee.

Cost: $20 per new hire

Reward Referrals

Employees earn a $50 reward you hire someone they referred.

Cost: $50 per referral

Anniversary Reward

Your employees earn a $25 reward every 3 months just to show your appreciation.

Cost: $100 per employee annually

Happy Birthday

Give a $50 reward on your employee’s birthday. Who doesn’t love a birthday gift?

Cost: $50 per employee

Performance Rewards

Performance rewards are a great way to motivate your team and reward them when they reach their goals.

Keep it simple. For each goal achieved that month, every member of the specified department will receive a $50 reward. Higher reward values customized for GM’s and executive team members as needed.

Monthly Membership Units

Team: Sales

Top Net Gain % of Members

Team: Sales & Reception

Highest POS Personal Training Revenue Sold

Team: Sales

Highest BOH Personal Training Revenue

Team: Personal Training

Highest Membership Upgrade Units sold

Team: Sales

Highest Overdue Accounts Revenue

Team: Reception

Highest Gross Retail Sales

Team: Reception

Highest Average Sessions Done

Team: Personal Training

What our customers say

“Excellent customer support beyond a “normal” tech platform.”

Jeff Miller, SVP Marketing, Orange Theory Fitness

Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Integrate with anything you need using Zapier or our API. Built in integration with ABC Fitness.

Save – Only Pay for Used Rewards

Most other gift card programs, you pay for every reward you send. With us, you only pay for rewards that are actually claimed.

Mike Crupi

Your Success Coach

As your success coach, I will help implement templates that we know work, or help you set up your own promotions. 

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