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CashStar Announces Keys to Growth in Case Study Report

Promotion Vault is pleased to see the results of our partner, CashStar, in its recent case study of their Commerce Platform with Studio Movie Grill (SMG). In their press release, President and CEO Ben Kaplan details the keys to growth of 300 percent that SMG experienced.


Keys to Growth

  • Embracing Digital: Being able to offer digital gift cards in any denomination increased SMG’s average order value
  • Personalization: SMG’s customers are able to personalize the cards with messages, photo uploads and several faceplate design options, making the experience more memorable and engaging for both senders and recipients
  • Marketing Campaigns: The CashStar Commerce platform has provided SMG the ability to execute targeted gift card-based marketing campaigns

Proactive Use of Gift Cards is in Successful Growth

What these keys show is that proactiveness is the master key for successful promotions. SMG has added gift cards to promotional efforts ranging from growing attendance at new and renovated locations to increasing customer participation in their charity endeavors.

SMG has successfully integrated gift cards into nearly every facet of its business, from marketing to operations to customer service. To learn more about SMG’s digital gifting strategy and the results it has delivered, download the full case study here.

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