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Congratulations to RSR Research’s Highest Scoring Digital Gift Cards

In keeping with the rising popularity of digital gift cards, or e-gift cards, RSR Research has conducted its sixth annual digital gifting benchmark report. The highest scoring digital gift cards met a variety of standards. Accordingly, these standards are updated each year to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the increasingly tech-savvy consumer.


Highest Scoring Digital Gift Cards

Out of a maximum score of 66 points, here are the top five scoring digital gift cards.

  1. Sephora 55 points
  2. Starbucks 50.5 points
  3. The Home Depot 46.5 points
  4. Dunkin Donuts 44.5 points
  5. Amazon 43 points

These top ranking e-giftcards and added brand pairing can easily be added to your incentive marketing plans by contacting Promotion Vault.

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